Beyond Meat

A 360 campaign consisting of three posters, one animated video and an Augmented Reality filter.

In developing the campaign I focused on the impact the change of a diet can have. How much more land would be available, how much water is annually used and how the beef industry affects the climate.

A fictional campaign.


Poster - CO2

Focusing on the average diet and its impact on the environment. The poster illustrates the amount of CO2 required for the average diet compared to a diet of a vegetarian.

Hippo photo: Ralphs_Photos via Pixabay

Smoke photo: venusv/iStock

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Poster - water

In this poster, the railway hoppers represnt the amount of water needed for food production. For the average diet and for a person whose diet does not include meat.

Railway Hopper image sourced from mrc-rail.com

Wave image: mauritius images / GmbH/Alamy

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Poster - land

This poster shows how much land is needed anually for the average diet in comparison to the plant-based diet.

Football pitch image: Paweł Cieśla, Staszek Szybki Jest

Land image sourced from lancarbonlab.org

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