Volkswagen iD.3

A poster, a print and a radio ad.

Graphic work, as well as the radio ad, aim to respect the previously used advertising language. While that was not a strictly straightforward direction as the approach changed between ads, vague borders of similarity remained.

The physical ads respect the colours of the promotion seen around the UK in terms of colour. The content simplifies the message which was previously slightly confusing. My ads, however, target a different audience. Since the foregoing campaigns appeared indecisive as to whom the car is for, I focused on young families and young professionals. People, who care about the environment, and do not need to show off their wealth.

A fictional campaign.



The poster, while not offering much information, strikes by its bright colour. The facts, however, are what makes the iD.3 interesting. Considering the audience is likely to understand them and be able to compare them to other vehicles on the market, it should pique interest for more research.

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Print ad

The print advertisement utilises simplicity in a different way to the poster while maintaining its colours. It reflects on the audience, the company's past advertisements, as well as the promotion of the iD.3 seen across the UK.

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Radio ad

In the spirit of the rest of the campaign, the advertisement for the radio demonstrates the core values behind the vehicle. Its power, spaciousness and environmental impact.

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